Phoenix Mills Clock

Years ago... at the time of no phones, cell phones, computers, or any other electric time means, people would come to the center of town to see the town clock to know what time of the day it is.

Phoenix Mills tenants, customers, and drivers who pass Phoenix Mills Plaza will now look at our clock to check the time.

This antique looking clock was manufactured by Electric Time in Medfield, Massachusetts. It is something that Phoenix Mills Plaza is proud to have in its plaza.

It is a 2 dial 15' post clock with an aluminum post, saddle crystal and dial ring, and top ornamental piece finished polyurethane paint. With a GPS Satellite Receiver, the clock is enabled to synchronize with the National Bureau Standard Atomic Clock. The clock will know when to spring forward or fall backward.

On the hour and the half hour you will hear the clock chiming throughout the plaza. The clock has up to 70 different types of chimes.

Raising of the Clock
Phoenix Mills Clock specs